Politique et mouvements sociaux au Maroc

Politique et mouvements sociaux au Maroc

La révolution désamorcée
Frédéric Vairel

Morocco is an interesting microcosm for studying how collective protest operates in authoritarian regimes, and how such regimes adapt in order to better maintain their dominance. This new study analyses the significant mobilisations in Morocco from the 1990s to the present day. Morocco tests our understanding of protest and authoritarianism, simultaneously combining feminist mobilisations with a traditional vision of a woman's role,

Islamist movements which are powerful yet peaceful, and a regime which steps back from the state violence of the "years of lead" (Sanawāt ar-Ruṣāṣ, 1960-1990) yet remains authoritarian.

Drawing on his experience of more than three years immersed in Moroccan society, the author retraces the journeys of human rights activists, Islamist actors and feminist activists to reveal how protest really functions in Morocco, and how the regime accommodates it.

In doing so, he demonstrates how the Moroccan regime has been able to borrow from the language of democracy to more effectively reinforce its dominance.

Frederic Vairel is Associate Professor of Political Science at the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa.

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