Penser la politique

Penser la politique

Enjeux et défis contemporains
Political Thought
Contemporary Issues and Challenges

This book is a history of the mind, clarifying contemporary political issues through the lens of the intellectual contexts of the past. The author examines the different ways political structures are created within the evolution of western civilization.

In investigating the formation of ancient doctrines, the dialogue between them and how citizens appeal to them, the author unpacks the notions of borders, collective identity, the banality of evil, and totalitarianism, confronting their impact on social affairs and the morality of war, at the turn of a new era, post September 11. The last section is dedicated to the impossibility of universal accord on criteria of justice. The author examines current debates on equality and equity, meritocracy and democracy, and the great challenges at play on the world stage. Beyond an introduction to political philosophy, the goal of this ambitious text is to create a fertile dialogue between political theory and political issues of today's world.

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