Ils nous avaient promis la paix

Ils nous avaient promis la paix

Opérations de l'ONU et populations locales
Peace Operations Seen from Below
UN Missions and Local People

While events like UN Security Council meetings, the trials at the International Criminal Court or even the deployment of the Blue Helmets are widely publicized, there is little public information on how the presence of UN soldiers' is experienced by local populations. More than 15 years of research and studies and more than 400 interviews carried out during the author's missions for the UN and for NGOs in different regions of the world went into this book which gives local people a hearing. Given that peace is won mainly on the ground, a clear grasp of the identities and strategies of these local populations in their dealings with the peacekeepers is of paramount importance.

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Geopolitics : Humanitarian aid - Intervention
Geopolitics : International Organisations
Geopolitics : International Organisations

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