Intelligences de la France

Intelligences de la France

Onze essais sur la politique et la culture
Philippe Urfalino, Martha Zuber
The French Way
Eleven essays on Politics and Culture

The eleven essays on French politics and culture assembled in this work comprise eleven investigations, eleven approaches to the most intriguing aspects of political and intellectual life in France, particularly in regard to the changes embraced over the last thirty to fifty years.

The essays cover four major themes: the political situation on the eve of the 2007 presidential elections, the role of France in relations between Western and Eastern Europe before and after the fall of the Berlin wall, the link between politics and culture in French intellectual life, and finally the metamorphoses of the modernizing state.

What these inquiries share in common is their use of at least one if not more of the highly productive methods of analysis demonstrated by the work of sociologist and historian Pierre Grémion, a renowned specialist in French intellectual and political life during the second half of the 20th century. It is to Grémion that this collection pays homage.

Phillipe Urfalino, director of research at CNRS and director of studies at the EHESS, manages the Raymond Aron Center of Sociological and Political Studies (EHESS/CNRS).