Regards sur la terre 2010. L'annuel du développement durable

Regards sur la terre 2010. L'annuel du développement durable

Villes changer de trajectoire
Cities Changing direction

Cities are of crucial importance for sustainability concerns. This new edition of Regards sur la Terre analyses how cities work and identifies contemporary trends, mecanisms and tools that can influence curent strategies and choices.


Cities: Changing directions
Carine Barbier, Raphael Jozan, Vincent Renard, Sanjivi Sundar

Globalization : An urban Opportunity?
Pierre Veltz

« World Class » cities: Hubs of Globalization an High Finance
Louise David, Ludovic Halbert

FOCUS The Risks of Secularisation
Vincent Renard

Sao Paulo: Is Fragmentation ineluctable?
Sergio Torres Moraes

India : When urban Lifestyles Determine the Climate
Partha Mukhopadhyay

FOCUS United States: Renewable Energy comes to Town
Stephen Hammer et Michael Hyams

Rethinking the City: Combining its Forms and Flows
Serge Salat, Caroline Nowacki

FOCUS China: Moving towards Energy Efficiency
Nils Devernois

Africa: Improve both Environmental and Human Health
Florence Fournet, Blaise Nguendo Yongsi, Aude Meunier-Nikiema, Gerard Salem

FOCUS The Atmospheric cost of Development
Christine Loh

The City returns ti its Hinterlands for Natural Resources
Bernard Barraque et Stephanie Pincetl

FOCUS China : Massive Projects supply Cities with Water
Charles Baubion

Access to Water and Access to the City
Sylvy Jaglin

FOCUS Urban Services: Overturning Dogmas
Olivier Coutard

FOCUS South Asia: managing the Quality of a Limited Resource
Dr Anamika Barua

Regulating Finance for Inclusives Cities
Alain Durand-Lasserve

FOCUS Tunis: Why Housing is Inadequate
Morched Chabbi

Africa: Where and How to House Urban Citizens?
Marie Huchzermeyer

FOCUS Supporting Federations of Slum Dwellers in Asia and Africa
Diana Mitlin, David Satterthwaite

Insecurity and Segregation: Rejecting an Urbanism of Fear
Luca Pattaroni, Yves Pedrazzini

Inventing Sustainable Financing for Cities
Thierry Paulais

FOCUS Development Aid: A Comprehensive City-Scale Approach
Nathalie Le Denmat

Bridging the Ecologies of Cities and of Nature
Saskia Sassen

FOCUS Inventing Environmental Cooperation in Southeast Asia
Tai-Chee Wong

When Emerging Cities set Standards
Jeremie Cave, Joel Ruet

City Networks: Expressing their Needs, Building Expertise
Interview d'Elisabeth Gateau

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