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The Revue Economique publishes original theoretical and empirical research in all fields of economics. This general interest journal is open to contributions from all schools of thought within the discipline and aims to provide as broad a perspective as possible on a wide range of subjects within the discipline of economics. The Revue is targeted towards faculty, researchers and students, but it also is read by economists in the civil service, financial institutions and private sector firms in France and abroad. As with most quality journals, editorial decisions are adopted by an editorial board supported by a vast network of anonymous referees.

• ISSN : 00352764
• 6 issues per year
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Revue économique 69-3, mai 2018
Risque et économie. 3e journées internationales du risque 2016
Lydie Ancelot, Liliane Bonnal, Marc-Hubert Depret, Cornel Oros, Bertrand Villeneuve, et al.

Revue économique 68-1, janvier 2017
Économie de la justice sociale
et al.

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