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The Revue Economique publishes original theoretical and empirical research in all fields of economics. This general interest journal is open to contributions from all schools of thought within the discipline and aims to provide as broad a perspective as possible on a wide range of subjects within the discipline of economics. The Revue is targeted towards faculty, researchers and students, but it also is read by economists in the civil service, financial institutions and private sector firms in France and abroad. As with most quality journals, editorial decisions are adopted by an editorial board supported by a vast network of anonymous referees.

• ISSN : 00352764
• 6 issues per year
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Revue économique 68-1, janvier 2017
Économie de la justice sociale
et al.

Revue économique 67-5, septembre 2016
Avancées de la recherche en microéconomie appliquée à l'occasion des XXXIIes JMA
Thierry Blayac, et al., Lisette Ibanez
Contents: Common Value Auctions with Voluntary and Qualified Entry - Do self-theories on intelligence explain overconfidence and risk taking? - Disclosure, banks CDS spreads and the European sovereign crisis - An index of detection of anomalies for investors - Pharmacy Monopoly and Price Competition for OTC drugs - Rebranding in the French gasoline

Revue économique 67-4, juillet 2016
Microsimulation et évaluation des politiques publiques
Didier Blanchet, Cyrille Hagneré, François Legendre, Florence Thibault, et al.

Revue économique 67-3 , mai 2016
Économie des quartiers prioritaires
Yannick L'Horty, Pierre Morin, et al.

Revue économique 67 Hors-série, Février 2016
Nouveaux regards en économie et politique de la concurrence
Thierry Pénard, Jean-Philippe Tropéano, et al.

Revue économique 66-6, novembre 2015
et al.
Table of contents : Housing prices impact on inequalities - Water price diffrentials between the private and the public sector in France - The linear voting rule limitation statregy to reduce the power of a unique newcomer over a firm's capital - Default risks ans product market competition...

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