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L'état de l'Union européenne 2005
Constitution, élargissement, Turquie
Jean-Paul Fitoussi

La politique agricole commune
Anatomie d'une transformation
Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
Hélène Delorme
This book is a study of sizeable agricultural systems in representative EU member countries. It sheds light on the various concepts and debates on CAP reform.

Polices entre État et marché
Police, the State and the Market
Frédéric Ocqueteau
This work analyzes the mechanisms of promotion and legalization of different segments of the market of protection, discusses the notion of "police privatization" and the causes of the “state monopoly"...

Le risque nucléaire
The Nuclear Risk
Marie-Hélène Labbé
This book deals with the links between risk and fear or between risk and politics in a "risk society" as well as the changes that have occurred since the end of the cold war.

Etre gouverné
Etudes en l'honneur de Jean Leca
Being Governed
Studies in Honor of Jean Leca
Pierre Favre, Yves Schemeil
Every person is subjected to a governmental power in varying degrees. But the fact of being governed cannot be analyzed in its generality and complexity if only the recipients of public action are looked at.

Pourquoi la gouvernance ?
Why Governance?
Jean-Pierre Gaudin
Today, governance is a favourite reference of our major political leaders. This portmanteau word is tossed around by economic and social powers, not to mention the media, in regard to numerous topics.

Vers un accord entre l'Europe et le Mercosur
Marie-Françoise Durand, Paolo Giordano, Alfredo G. A. Valladao

Politique agricole: un modèle européen
Louis-Pascal Mahé, François Ortalo-Magné

L'Europe bleue
A quoi sert une politique communautaire de la pêche?
Christian Lequesne

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