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Religion(s) et identité(s) en Europe
L'épreuve du pluriel
Religion(s) and Identity(ies) in Europe
The test of plurality
Antonela Capelle-Pagacean, Patrick Michel, Enzo Pace
A rare work offering a panorama of the question of religion in Europe.

Les banlieues de l'Europe
Les politiques de voisinage de l'Union européenne
The Suburbs of Europe
European Neighborhood Policy
Jacques Rupnik
An analysis of the European neighborhood policy, its reception by the concerned nations (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia, Balkans, Turkey) and the issues Europe must respond frome the Russian border to Euro-mediterranean partnership.

Les Français contre l'Europe
Are the French Anti- Europe ?
Understanding the referendum of May 29th 2005
Sylvain Brouard, Emiliano Grossman, Nicolas Sauger
The French have always had a complex relationship with Europe. This book provides a global viewpoint of the specific nature of the European question in the French political arena.

Tony Blair 1997-2007
Le bilan des réformes
An assessment of reforms
Florence Faucher, Patrick Le Galès
This work proposes an original analysis of the laboratory of New Labour and its effects on the life of the British citizens.

L'état de l'Union européenne 2007
L'Europe des biens publics
The state of the European Union 2007
The Europe of the public good
Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Jacques Le Cacheux
This book means to contribute to the European reconstruction.

Comment l'Europe s'adapte
How Europe has adapted
An approach which responds to the need to « Evaluate Europe ».

La politique internationale de l'Union européenne
International Politics of the European Union
Franck Petiteville
This work summarizes thirty years of Political Science and International Relations debate on Europe and its relations with the world.

Europe centrale et orientale
Mondialisation, européanisation et changement social
Central and Eastern Europe
Globalisation, Europeanization and Social Change
François Bafoil
The most complete analysis of 15 years of transition and Europeanization of Central and Eastern Europe.

Le vote européen 2004-2005
De l'élargissement au référendum français
The European Vote 2004-2005
Pascal Perrineau
More likely to abstain, more conservative, less regionalist. This is the portrait emerging from the voting population of June 2004 in the European parliamentary elections of twenty five countries in the Union...

L'Union fait la force
L'Europe dans les négociations commerciales internationales
The Union Builds Strength
The European Union in International Trade Negotiations
Sophie Meunier
This book retraces and analyzes the great negotiations of European commerce politics...

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