Accompagner les demandeurs d'emploi

Accompagner les demandeurs d'emploi

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For the past thirty years, unemployment in France has never dropped below 8% for any significant period of time. This is surely a sign that we need to reform our employment policies.

Flanking measures are essential for lowering unemployment rates — but France still lags behind in this regard. French policies are enshrouded in an administrative miasma where national, regional, departmental and municipal officials all intervene, calling upon both private and public actors and using a poorly coordinated series of rarely-evaluated measures.

And yet, the virtues and the limits of these measures are well understood today. A vast body of scientific literature on the subject exists, allowing us to determine the kind of policies which work and identify the people for whom they are most beneficial. These are the results which this text seeks to describe.

François Fontaine is a professor of economics at the Université de Lorraine and a researcher with BETA and CREST. Franck Malherbet is a professor of economics at the Université de Rouen and a researcher with CREST.

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