Anatomie d'une puissance
M'Hamed Sagou
What is the financial structure of the Paribas group ? What were the stages of its growth ? What is the scope of its influence and power nationally and internationally ? M'Hamed Sagou was able to gather the maximum of information available today on this financial group and answers thèse questions authoritatively. He shows and demonstrates that the extent of control put on industrial firms allows Paribas to act decisively in the régulation of industrial growth and to intervene in the French political and économie System like a real decision-making and industrial planning center. On a broader scale, this analysis of one of the biggest European financial groups and undoubtedly one of the most original in the world in its history and expérience in business banking leads to a redéfinition of the relations in contemporary capitalism between the bank and industry.

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Political Economics : Banks - the Financial Markets

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