Forêts tropicales, jungle internationale

Forêts tropicales, jungle internationale

Les revers d'une écopolitique mondiale
Tropical Forests, an Interantional Jungle
The Underside of Global Ecopolitics

Based on the works of experts and accounts from the field, the author explores the complexities of what role tropical forests play not only in environmentalism but in trade, health care, and almost every facet of natural and social life for those living there and beyond.

Although for most in the developed world tropical forests have gained a status of part of our world heritage, these forests are not really part of the global commons or a global public good. Developing nations maintain control over the forests within their borders and often use the forests as they see fit. The international system for mediating the issue is a fractured group of non-governmental organizations and transnational networks, often with competing views of how to manage tropical forests.

Despite this seemingly grim picture, Marie-Claude Smouts is optimistic. A changing world view of forest depletion is influencing countries both north and south. Although forests will be used commercially, it is a dynamic process that should maintain them far into the future.

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