Imparfaites démocraties

Imparfaites démocraties

Frustrations populaires et vagues populistes
Imperfect democracies
frustrations of the people and the tide of populism

« Democracy is an open book whose pages are not yet written. Democracies are invented, modified, adapted, and are far from having exhausted the resources of imagination and experimentation. If a revolution is needed, it is there ».

Imperfect by nature, democracy provokes both criticism and disillusionment. This permanent state of crisis and questioning is its Achilles heel, but also its greatness.

Today, nothing seems to be able to stem the wave of populism that has swept over the world. Ideals of freedom, equality, and fraternity are receding everywhere, while people fall prey to the temptation of the strong leader.

But are we really on the eve of the collapse of democracy? In view of the economic and political changes underway in countries like Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, the author argues that democracies will reinvent themselves. As they have always done over the last 200 years, by incorporating outside elements, such as the rule of law, political liberalism, or the welfare state.

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