Le Vote de rupture

Le Vote de rupture

Les élections présidentielle et législatives d'avril-juin 2007
The Rupture Vote
The Presidential and Legislative Elections, April - June 2007

The notion of 'rupture'—political, economic, and cultural—was introduced during the Sarkozy campaign. Beyond the rhetoric, the ability of voters to find themselves in this ‘rupture,’ and thereby assume it, is questionnable. At once the developed campaign, the verdict delivered by the ballot box, and the new course of Sarkozyian politics mandated in government actions, this work measures the differences and similarities of the presidential and legislative elections of 2007.

The ‘battle of images’ during the election, the strong participation on April 22 and May 6, the election results—of Nicolas Sarkozy’s massive success and the wearing down of the left, the dynamics around François Bayrou at the collapse of the LePenist vote—the bipartisanism and the presidentialization of the political system are decoded and illustrated by numerous maps, graphics, and charts.

Pascal Perrineau, Professor of Universities at Sciences Po, Director of Cevipof (Center of Political Research at Sciences Po), has lead, thanks to the Minister of the Interior and Land Use Management, a series of extensive electoral surveys (French Political Barometer and French Electoral Panel).

Contributors to this work : Daniel Boy, Pierre Bréchon, Yves-Marie Cann, Jean Chiche, Olivier Duhamel, Élisabeth Dupoirier, Jérôme Fourquet, Jacques Gerstlé, Gérard Grunberg, Jérôme Jaffré, Anne Muxel, Christophe Piar, Thierry Vedel.

Created in 1992 by Cevipof, the ‘Electoral Chronicals’ collection sets forth to gage the general dynamics of each election and to present analyses of the results and results in extenso.

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