Les Nationalisations de la Libération

Les Nationalisations de la Libération

De l'utopie au compromis
Claire Andrieu, Lucette Le Van, Antoine Prost
Hère is, for the first time, a full picture of French nationalizations of the Liberation. The analysis of décisions made over the whole period clarifies and renews the debate. It identifies the numerous protagonists who daim the right of paternity for nationalizations. The historié approach makes it possible to say to whom the responsibility of the structural reforms must be attributed : management commutées, the CGT, the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, the MRP, General de Gaulle. The succession of measures front 1944 to 1948 also shows the différent methods of conception put into practice and destroys the myth of a single or central plan. It becomes then clear that the multiple origins of the reforms and their spreading out over time facilitated the transformation of a utopian dream into a démocratie compromise and assured the consensus on nationalizations which lasted for nearly 40 years.

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