Le citoyen

Le citoyen

Mélanges offerts à Alain Lancelot
The Citizen

The citizen is no longer what he/she was… But is a citizen so easy to identify, even in favorable periods? Hackneyed by political discourse, the concept often did not measure up to the original claims. Today, political debate's new data, economic transformations, European construction, and globalization associated with the return to the local are shaking up preconceived ideas and conventional definitions. Yet there is in the institution of citizenry the part of the universal that has contributed to the nobility of political action. Confronted with the visible dangers of a return to the most narrow particularisms, the individual must today more than ever construct a citizenship able to respond to new stakes: citizens beyond the State, citizens in Europe and in major world negotiations, citizens beyond and within frontiers, people daily reinvent their uses of universalism.

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