Deux degrés

Deux degrés

Les sociétés face au changement climatique
Two degrees
Societies in the face of climate change

Two degrees. It might not seem like much. But it is huge.

Global temperatures have already risen one degree since the preindustrial era. Carbon emissions linked to human activity is the number one cause. Massive climate upheavals are occurring, and they are destined to become more severe. The target, solemnly set by world governments, to limit global warming to 2°C will almost certainly not be met. The reason for this inaptitude lies in our societies' threefold dependency (technical, economic, and cultural) on fossil fuels, which constitute the powerful and ubiquitous foundation of our world.

Science tells us that at the rate we are going, we can expect the worst. But this does not imply an individual escape. On the contrary, we must face up to this eventuality together, collectively. Taking stock of the current impossibility to radically change our lifestyles and organization, this book nevertheless calls on us to follow several realistic paths to adaptation and reform, in the interests of preparing a less somber future.

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