Les ouvriers divisés

Les ouvriers divisés

The working class ? It is a catch-ail phrase for workers excluded front ownership of the means of production as well as a sometimes mobilizing myth for the march toward the abolition of the wage earning class. But in the daily reality in industry, it is just as if the working class did not exist: the workers are more and more controlled and divided in and by their work. Technical developments, production fluctuations, labor and bargaining policies squeeze them in a tighter and tighter network of constraints in which they find themselves isolated and helpless faced with their employers. Yet working class criticism, both individual and as a class, is not dead : How does it progress where and when it appears ? How does it manage to rise up again from its ashes ? Back to the drawing board time and time again. Such is the difftcult struggle of industrial workers, trying to loosen the stranglehold of constraints and to build limited solidarities.

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