Le Lobbying à rebours

Le Lobbying à rebours

L'influence du politique sur la stratégie des grandes entreprises
Translated by Isabelle Mennesson

Reverse Lobbying
The influence of politics on the strategies of big business.


In this work, the author damages this platitude implying that big business determines political decisions. She explains how corporations and politics have woven relationships of mutual influence.

Far from telling states for the last twenty years which drummer's beat to follow on the matter of liberalization, more uncertainties than one could imagine when it comes to their economic and material interests, corporations have defined their choices as a function of institutional context and national politics.

Whether these decisions prove beneficial to the general interest or not, the ultimate arbitration returns to political and administrative decision makers, who perform "reverse lobbying" on businesses.

The author: Cornelia Woll is a researcher a the Center of International Studies Research (CERI) at Sciences Po and director of a group of young researchers a the Max-Plank-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung de Cologne.