La Lutte contre la corruption, le blanchiment, la fraude fiscale

La Lutte contre la corruption, le blanchiment, la fraude fiscale

L'exigence d'éthique dans les mouvements financiers
With François Badie, Jean-Baptiste Carpentier, Jean-Louis Fort, Ángel Gurria, Daniel Lebègue, Enrico Letta, Michael Meister, Philippe Poiget, Gérard Rameix, Eric Robert, Christiane Taubira
The fight against corruption, money laundering and tax evasion
The demand for ethics in financial movements

The scourge of corruption leaves no country and no area of activity unaffected. It saps democracies and erodes citizens' trust in their institutions.

Long considered inevitable, the international community has belatedly become aware of this practice. Since the creation of the Financial Action Task Force (FAFT) in 1989, institutions for monitoring, controlling and regulating financial movements have been successfully established. In France, this context includes the "Sapin II" law on transparency, anti-corruption and economic modernization.

This book provides an overview of the range and limits of these measures, presented by actors directly involved in current movements of regulation including Christiane Taubira, former Justice Minister, Enrico Letta, former president of the Italian Council and Ángel Gurría Secretary-General of the OCDE. All emphasise the substantial stakes in the fight against corruption, money laundering by the mafia and tax evasion. These issues are not only ethical problems; they also impact upon security, state stability and the entrenchment of terrorism.

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