La France dans la nouvelle Europe

La France dans la nouvelle Europe

Assumer le changement d'échelle
France in the New Europe
Confronting a change in scale

Over the last twenty years, the European Union has in many respects become a far different project than that envisioned by its founding fathers. What kind of relationship does France have with this new Europe?

An attentive observer of France's European policy, as well as its institutions, politicians, and the process of European expansion, Christian Lequesne explains why France, its political elite, and its society have so much trouble imagining the role of their country in the now broadened European Union, and similarly, to think positively about globalization.

A sharp essay retracing the evolutions of France’s European policy starting in the early 1980’s, while offering paths for France to take in recovering a place in Europe, and for Europe in recovering a place in France.

Christian Lequesne, Director of Research at the CERI, was Director of the French Center for Research in Social Sciences of Prague (Cefres) and is now tenured Chair of Sciences Po-LSE at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Christian Lequesne

CERI - Sciences Po
Directeur de recherche au CERI (Centre d'études et de recherches internationales de Sciences Po), Christian Lequesne a été directeur du Centre français de recherche en sciences sociales de Prague (Cefres) et titulaire de la chaire Sciences Po - LSE à la London School of Economics and Political Science.

L'Enjeu mondial
Les migrations
Global Issues
Christophe Jaffrelot, Christian Lequesne
Global Issues: A New Geopolitical Series on Globalization with a focus on a specific global challenge : Migrations

L'Intégration européenne
Entre émergence institutionnelle et recomposition de l'Etat
European integration
Christian Lequesne, Yves Surel
An unprecedent reference work to understand European integration.

L'Europe bleue
A quoi sert une politique communautaire de la pêche?
Christian Lequesne

Critique internationale 02, hiver 1999
La formation de l'Europe
Christian Lequesne

Comment se fait la politique européenne de la France
Christian Lequesne

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