Les effets d'un dualisme contractuel
CDD vs CDI. The Impact of Contract Dichotomy

Since the end of the 'Trente Glorieuses' and the persistent rise in mass unemployment, so-called atypical contracts, have been proposed as an imperfect solution to replace CDIs, or permanent, open-ended contracts. While CDIs (contrat à durée indéterminée) are still the norm, accounting for close to 86 per cent of the salaried workforce in 2013, the labour market is now subject to a strong dichotomy. Instead of the stable and protected status granted by CDIs, a significant portion of the population is now experiencing precarity, with CDDs (contrat à durée déterminée, or fixed-term contracts) and temporary contracts accounting for 9 and 2 per cent of workers respectively. The authors of this short volume propose a clear and remarkably accessible analysis of the causes and effects of this ‘contract dichotomy’.

François Fontaine is a professor of economics at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and at the École d’économie of Paris. Franck Malherbet is a professor of economics at the Université de Rouen and a researcher with the Centre de recherche en économie et statistique (CREST – Centre for Economics and Statistics Research).

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