Grand Paris

Grand Paris

L'émergence d'une métropole
Frédéric Gilli
The Emergence of a Metropolis

What if the suburbs are the future of Paris?

During the past ten years, a new vision of the greater metropolitan area of Paris has unobtrusively emerged. The hierarchical model of an Île de France region centred on the twenty inner arrondissements, administered by the State and governing all of France has given way to a self-organising metropolis wherein significant economic and cultural contrasts have surfaced and multi-lateral networks have been established on the European and global scale.

Neither Paris nor the central State have disappeared, but the suburbs have demonstrated that SME (small and medium enterprises) in the Île de France region are gaining independence, while an increasingly young and diverse population is becoming the norm. Although much remains to be done in the realm of transport, housing and inequality, the Greater Paris Project, as inaugurated in December 2013, proposes a more efficient and equitable form of governance which remains fully democratic.

An indispensable work for anyone wishing to understand this shift, comprehend upcoming changes in Île de France and discover how France has entered the 21st century.

Frédéric Gilli is a researcher with Sciences Po, the managing director of the Campana Eleb Sablic Agency and a co-editor of the journal Métropolitiques.

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