Plan et profit en économie socialiste

Plan et profit en économie socialiste

Since Maurice Duverger's Political Parties, first published in French in 1951, no gênerai study of parties, party Systems and party politics had appeared. G. Sartori has analysed a vast array of data on the parties of many countries during the last two décades and the literature devoted to them, and présents a gênerai theory of party Systems, démocratie, authoritarian and totalitarian. His book unravels the causes and describes the main features of the birth and évolution of political parties. Il also warns against the danger of confusing the interests of the whole and those of its components. This distinction, in Sartori's view, provides the foundation of both the historical debate on the origins of parties and the reflection on the working of party Systems. G. Sartori's Parties and Party Systems will long remain the essential treatise in one of the major fields or political science.

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