La santé aux États-Unis

La santé aux États-Unis

Une histoire politique
Anne-Laure Beaussier
Health in the United States
A political history

Why did the United States wait until 2010 to provide universal health cover, available in every other western country? What have the effects of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, been in terms of access to care and the general performance of the American healthcare system? After a faltering, controversial start, and a hyper-politicized implementation, is the reform beginning to produce the results that democrats hoped for?

Through a historical, institutional and political analysis of the American health care system over the last century, this book retraces the key moments of its evolution up to the transformations resulting from Obamacare. This evolution reflects the inherent constraints in a political system constructed to preserve minorities from the tyranny of the majority and which reflects the hesitations of American society itself, in particular regarding the role of the state.

Focusing on Congress and questions of health protection, Anne Laure Beaussier shows how the changes in federal power since the 1970s and the ideological polarization between democrats and republicans have affected the social policies of this country.

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International : North America : United States
Fields : Health
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