La constellation des appartenances

La constellation des appartenances

Nationalisme, libéralisme et pluralisme
The Politics of Belonging
Nationalism, Liberalism, and Pluralism

Throughout the period of the Cold War, the question of nationhood that had so strongly marked the period between the world wars paled in the face of the bipolar ideological clash. With the fall of the Berlin wall, nationalism has returned. The question arises as to whether we now have the intellectual tools necessary to understand this phenomenon? Anglo-American sociology had never ceased to work on area. In France it was only in the mid-1980s, in the context of the debate on immigration and the reform of the code de la nationalité (nationality code), that interest started to grow in the question of nationhood. This book focuses on innovative positions in the area and draws together European and North American authors from three disciplines (political theory, political science, law). Authors in this volume deal with two main questions: the linkage between political liberalism and nationalism and the challenge of pluralism. Alain Dieckhoff has brought together an impressive group of contributors who, together, carry out an incisive investigation into these debates which are decisive for fostering democracy in modern nation states.

This volume is an an indispensable resource for anyone dealing with questions of identity, ethnicity, and nationalism.

List of Contributors
Rainer Bauböck, Pierre Birnbaum, Stéphane Pierré-Caps, Gil Delannoi, Guy Hermet, Geneviève Koubi, Will Kymlicka, Jacob Levy, Wayne Norman, Patricia Savidan, Daniel Weinstock

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