Évaluer la formation professionnelle

Évaluer la formation professionnelle

Evaluating Vocational Training

Adult vocational training generates many expectations in terms of safeguarding personal career paths and competitive business practices. But who should we focus on first, and how should training be conducted?

Countering a number of preconceptions, this study illustrates the fact that the consequences of vocational training are not always positive. Some kinds of training do not help people escape unemployment, nor do they appreciably increase worker salaries.

It is nevertheless possible to use the colossal sums of money allocated to training much more effectively by systematically evaluating the different programmes and drawing upon international input.

In France, we are far from reaching this conclusion. However, regardless of how technical the question of evaluation may seem, it is crucial. Evaluation would allow us to reform the system, preserving only those providers who are creating real added value for individuals and companies.

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