L'Univers des risques en finance

L'Univers des risques en finance

Un équilibre en devenir
The Financial Risk Universe
An equilibrium in the making

The evaluation and management of risk has acquired, in less than decade, primary importance in the finanical sector and for the majority of the business world. This rise in predominance is not by chance : in the context of increased international competition, economic players search, in effect, to secure their margins by means of ever more sophisticated coverage policies.

This textbook invites the reader to explore the financial sphere through a dimension which will from this time forward will prove central : that of risk. Following a panorama of the larger risk categories present in the environment of business and investment, the author addresses the different techniques of risk evaluation (sensibility analysis, Value and Risk, and catastrophy scenarios) as well as the strategies and instruments of coverage practiced by economic actors to diminish these risks. The author finally analyzes the factors susceptible to affect the capability of markets to provide solutions for coverage against new forms of risk, in a context of structural transformation and the appearance of new financial imbalances.

Intended for professionals as well as students, this owrk integrates numerous graphics and illustrations in order to avoid excessive use of statistics. To illustrate effective practices in risk management, the book incorporates well-outlined themes and discussions created side by side with leading figures in the world of finance.

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