René Rémond, historien

René Rémond, historien

Jean-Noël Jeanneney, Jean-François Sirinelli
With Jean-Pierre Azéma, Jean-Jacques Becker, Serge Berstein, Jean Garrigues, Philippe Levillain, Olivier Lévy-Dumoulin, Charles Mercier, Antoine Prost, Michel Winock
René Réond, Historian

Specialising in the contemporary era, René Rémond (1918–2007) penned a number of works which contributed significantly to the revival of political and religious history in France. He helped nuance research on the dialectics of facts and representations and played an important role in the civic debates of his time.

This collection brings together the accounts of historians who knew Rémond, who were influenced by his work or collaborated with him. In addition, this volume contains articles analysing specific elements of his oeuvre.

This collective tribute to Rémond allows us to better understand the career, intellectual trajectory and multiform influence of this historian, illustrating just how significant of an impact he had on the world.

Jean-Noël Jeanneney and Jean-François Sirinelli are professors at Sciences Po.

The following contributed to this volume: Jean-Pierre AzémaJean-Jacques Becker Serge BersteinJean GarriguesPhilippe LevillainOlivier Lévy-DumoulinCharles MercierAntoine ProstMichel Winock

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