La  structure financière du capitalisme multinational

La structure financière du capitalisme multinational

Afterword by Charles-Albert Michalet
This study on the financial structure of multinational capitalism focuses immediately on who the main stockholders are of the first 500 multinational firms. The analysis reveals a process of capital concentration which can be traced to the économie crisis of the 1970s. Having shown the growing ownership share of financial institutions, the author deals with the relations of bank and industry and with the theory of financial capital. Finally, the weakening of private property confirms technocratie power. The most efficient companies follow the industrial strategy of " technological clusters " which implement the current technological révolution. A hierarchy of multinationals appears, identified by a "financial profile " proper to each category. The reality of the technocratie phenomenon is confirmed by a supplementary study of the capital structure of the top 60 multinational banks.

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