Les pieds-noirs et la politique

Les pieds-noirs et la politique

Quarante ans après le retour
Politics and the Pieds-Noirs

Emmanuelle Comtat provides a better understanding of how the pieds-noirs view themselves today, including an exploration of the degree of trauma remaining within their collective psyche almost fifty years after the Algerian war. The book also delves into what impact these events continue to have on the political attitudes of the pieds-noirs. It reveals how the children of these returning populations, aware of the trauma their parents lived through, have since determined how they will move on.

A book which fills a considerable void in the history of the Fifth Republic, describing a predominantly misunderstood community, it is also an important contribution to the analysis of the transmission of past trauma.

Emmanuelle Comtat is a doctor of political science, and has been teaching at l'Institut d’études politiques de Grenoble since 2003.

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