Le système politique chinois

Le système politique chinois

Un nouvel équilibre autoritaire
The Chinese Political System
A New Authoritarian Equilibrium

In adopting an institution-centered approach, this book presents and analyses in depth the role, real power and responsibilities of each institution and decision-making body of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the government and the Army as well as the relations among them.

It also looks into the major promotion rules and paths within the political system and assesses the nature as well as the trends of the relationship between the Party-State and the society.

It finally looks at the major forces that can contribute to challenging the current one-Party rule–the growing role of the NGOs, the internet and political or legal activists–and, conversely, to slowing down any evolution, such as the close links between the private entrepreneurs and the Party, China's growing nationalism and quest for global status, or the generally conservative mindset of the new middle class.

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