Les défis de la République

Les défis de la République

Genre, territoires, citoyenneté
Bruno Perreau, Joan W. Scott, et al.
Challenges to the Republic
Gender, territory, citizenship

Policies aimed at achieving parity, affirmative action measures, establishing time offices to harmonize working hours, reversing the burden of proof in cases of discrimination, ensuring equal access to public spaces... the French Republic is undeniably undergoing tremendous change. These changes have nonetheless been met with strong ideological opposition. Largely voiced by minority groups, such demands for change are often accused of being particularistic. Republican universalism must remain intact — even if that means that 'for things to remain the same, everything must change', to quote Tancredi.

The authors of this volume have wagered on the complete opposite, choosing instead to study the conditions that would allow these new public action mechanisms to be expanded and scaled up.

Drawing on the work of politician and sociologist Françoise Gaspard, a key player in these civic metamorphoses, this volume illustrates how the Republic is not merely a principle of government: it is the very idea being challenged by such new policies. Consequently, and paradoxically, it thus also becomes a possible avenue for transforming the law.

et al.

Autrepart 80, 2016
et al.

Sociétés contemporaines 107, 2017
Politiques urbaines et (in)justice spatiale
et al.

Raisons politiques 66, mai 2017
Entités collectives
et al.

Vingtième Siècle 134, avril-juin 2017
Vingtième siècle à l'épreuve du présent
et al.

Revue française de sociologie 58-1, janvier-mars 2017
In memoriam François-André Isambert
et al.

Agora débats/jeunesses 75, 2017
L'entrepreneuriat et les jeunes
Young people and entrepreneurship
et al.
Table of contents - SPECIAL ISSUE: Promises and realities of entrepreneurship for young people - Entrepreneurial projects at primary school - Adolescent collective action - Young people more or less ready to become entrepreneurs - What is a startupper?

Autrepart 77, 2016
De l'Europe vers les Suds : nouvelles itinérances ou migrations à rebours ?
From Europe to the South: new itinerances or reverse migrations?
Sylvie Bredeloup, et al.
Table of contents: "Expats", "settlers", and “pioneers” - Mobility of Spanish workers in western Algeria - European winter migrants in Morocco - New migrations? French and European migratory circulation to Morocco - European migrants on the Senegalese coast - The dynamics of Spanish-Colombian migration - Economic crisis and return migration

Revue économique 68-1, janvier 2017
Économie de la justice sociale
et al.

Calmer les prix
L'inflation en Europe dans les années 1970
Slowing Down Prices
European Inflation in the 1970s
Michel-Pierre Chélini, Laurent Warlouzet, et al.
Following the oil shock of 1973, a massive wave of inflation spread throughout Europe. This volume explores these upheavals through a broad historical lens, by examining countries in Western, Northern and Eastern Europe, as well as trade unions, businesses and international organizations, particularly the European Community and GATT.

Autrepart 74-75, 2015
et al.

Autrepart 76, 2015
Quand les suds investissent dans les sud
et al.

Sociétés contemporaines 104, 2016
Rencontres en ligne, rencontres à part ?
et al.

Gouvernement & action publique 05-4, octobre-décembre 2016
Politiques de la concurrence : une trajectoire française
et al.

Revue française de sociologie 57-4, octobre-décembre 2016
Sociologie du périurbain
Peri-urban Studies
Julien Damon, Hervé Marchal, Jean-Marc Stébé, et al.
Table of contents: Sociologists and the peri-urban - The "peri-urbanization" issue - Areas caught between rise and decline - How to regulate the peri-urban city - Property development under environmental constraints

Sociologies pratiques 33, 2016
Quand l'art saisit le travail. Cinéma, théâtre, BD, séries...
et al.

Revue française de science politique 66-3/4, août 2016
Politiques de l'organisation
The Politics of Organization
Philippe Bezes, Patrick Le Lidec, et al.
On the eve of crucial elections, this double issue of the Revue française de science politique aims to better understand the new architecture of power in France.

Vingtième Siècle 131, juillet-septembre 2016
Les gauches et les colonies
The Left and the Colonies
et al., Céline Marangé
Table of contents: The political influence of colonial actors - The Birth of Vietnamese Republicanism - Algeria's Engineering of Socialist Colonial Policy - The Comintern, the French Communist Party and the Call for Algerian independence - The Messalistes and the French Left

Revue économique 67-5, septembre 2016
Avancées de la recherche en microéconomie appliquée à l'occasion des XXXIIes JMA
Thierry Blayac, et al., Lisette Ibanez
Contents: Common Value Auctions with Voluntary and Qualified Entry - Do self-theories on intelligence explain overconfidence and risk taking? - Disclosure, banks CDS spreads and the European sovereign crisis - An index of detection of anomalies for investors - Pharmacy Monopoly and Price Competition for OTC drugs - Rebranding in the French gasoline

Sociétés contemporaines 103, 2016
Faire tenir les murs
et al.
In a society that promotes respect for privacy, freedom and mobility, detention centers, particularly the prison and the mental hospital, have a problematic character. This thema is interested in daily practices that reduce the disturbance induced by the contradictory injunctions to the institution.

Les banques centrales et l'État-nation
The Central Banks and the Nation-State
Olivier Feiertag, Michel Margairaz, et al.
The entire standard theory of central banking is constructed on the model of independence to the state. Yet the history of central banks comes back to the state, or rather to the nation-state. In order to understand the reasons for this paradox, this book analyses the evolution of the relationship between fifteen central banks and the state.

Critique internationale 72, juillet-septembre 2016
Enfermement et catégorisations
Confinement and Categorizations
Tristan Bruslé, Bénédicte Michalon, et al.
The "thema" of this issue is devoted to tue process ofpeople ranking within the prison institutions in a context of increasing interaction between prison policy and migration policy in the name of peacekeeping and effective organization of life within the walls every day.

Revue française de sociologie 57-3, juillet-septembre 2016
Internationalisation de la recherche scientifique
Practices and rhetoric of the internationalization of science
et al.

Autrepart 73, 2015
Parler pour dominer ? Pratiques langagières et rapports de pouvoir
et al.

Gouvernement & action publique 05-2, avril-juin 2016
L'État participatif
Philippe Aldrin, Nicolas Hubé, et al.

Revue économique 67-4, juillet 2016
Microsimulation et évaluation des politiques publiques
Didier Blanchet, Cyrille Hagneré, François Legendre, Florence Thibault, et al.

Raisons politiques 62, mai 2016
Pop et populaire. Politiques du mainstream
Keivan Djavadzadeh, Pierre Raboud, et al.
What popular culture can teach political theory ? Inventory of theoretical reflections on popular culture, the authors of this dossier intend to participate in the construction of "French" cultural studies and call for more research on marginalized subjects in France .

Agora débats/jeunesses 73, 2016
Jeunes alteractivistes : d'autres manières de faire de la politique ? Perspectives internationales
Brieg Capitaine, Geoffrey Pleyers, et al.

Revue économique 67-3 , mai 2016
Économie des quartiers prioritaires
Yannick L'Horty, Pierre Morin, et al.

Critique internationale 71, avril-juin 2016
Les petits États au prisme du multilatéralisme
Small States on Multilateralism Prism
Auriane Guilbaud, et al.

Sociologies pratiques 32, 2016
Sport et entreprise, un mariage de raison(s)?
Béatrice Barbusse, François Sarfati, et al.

Vingtième Siècle 130, avril-juin 2016
Sciences et religions au 20e siècle
Special Section: Science and Religion in the 20th Century
Dominique Avon, Denis Pelletier, et al.
Between science and religion, the dispute is old. This issue compares the three monotheistic traditions and the relationship between scientific reason and religious reason is built. The authors analyze four case studies borrowed from Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Agora débats/jeunesses 72, 2016
et al.
Table of contents: Management of intimacy and the display of emotional territory - The "Des racines pour ton avenir" [Roots for your future] camp - The frontiers of collective identity in militancy on suburban housing estates - etc.

Raisons politiques 61, février 2016
La reconnaissance. Lectures hégéliennes
Charlotte Epstein, Thomas Lindemann, et al.
This volume purpose is to chart a path back to Hegel, in order to mine the resources that a return to the original formulation of the struggle for recognition in the "Phenomenology of Spirit" provides for deepening contemporary understandings of the concept of recognition.

Critique internationale 70, janvier-mars 2016
L'internationalisation des causes sexuelles
The internationalization of sexual causes
Christophe Broqua, Olivier Fillieule, Marta Roca i Escoda, et al.
The articles of the dossier analyze the process of internationalization of mobilizations related to sexuality in Europe, North America and Africa. The variety of geographical and cultural contexts captures the struggles that develop around the globalization phenomenon of sexuality.

Sociologies pratiques Hors série N°2, 2016
Changement et intervention dans les organisations : l'apport de Marc Uhalde
et al.

Revue économique 67 Hors-série, Février 2016
Nouveaux regards en économie et politique de la concurrence
Thierry Pénard, Jean-Philippe Tropéano, et al.

revue française de science politique 66-1, février 2016
Prétendre représenter la représentation politique comme revendication
et al.
Table of contents: Making Representative Claims - A World Parliament of Labour? - A Representative Claim Made in the Name of Women? - How Some Actors Become a Representative in Brazilian Participatory Institutions? - Representation as a Performance - Publicity and Transparency

Vingtième Siècle 129, janvier-mars 2016
Où en est l'histoire du Québec ?
Where do we stand with the History of Quebec?
et al.
Knowing contemporary Quebec, the debates and the issues that dominate the country (nation, language, religion) is essential to understand this French America and to rethink the terms of transatlantic relations and transfers. Quebecois historians and sociologists offers to review the historiography of Quebec.

Gouvernement & action publique 04-4, Octobre- décembre 2015
Les cadres intermédiaires de la fonction publique
et al.

Raisons politiques 60, décembre 2015
Un texte, un auteur : Andrew Abbott
et al.

Sociétés contemporaines 99-100, 2015
Penser les rapports de domination avec Alf Lüdtke
et al.
Table of contents: Domination as a Social Praxis - The Village in The Factory: Worker Trajectories and Distancing from the Hierarchy - Eigensinn and the "Death Factory" - Laughing about theNazi Past in Germany - Bureaucratic Eigensinn in the GDR - Coproduction of Social Change and Protest in Cuba - History as a Social Science

Revue française de sociologie 56-4, octobre-décembre 2015
et al.
table of contents: Deliberate risk-taking with money: The consumption patterns of gambling - Scientific Durkheimianism and the Durkheimianism of action: François Simiand and the International Labour Office (1920-1930) - The Sanitization of Criminal Justice? The Use of Illness in Criminal Trials - Political pluralism within private life circle

Revue économique 66-6, novembre 2015
et al.
Table of contents : Housing prices impact on inequalities - Water price diffrentials between the private and the public sector in France - The linear voting rule limitation statregy to reduce the power of a unique newcomer over a firm's capital - Default risks ans product market competition...

Critique internationale 69, octobre-décembre 2015
L'argent domestique : des pratiques aux institutions
et al.
Table of contents: Argentina, 2001-2003 - Juggling Wealth in India and Mexico - Senegalese Immigrants and Savings - Private Clients, Banks and Trust - How Swedish Employees Became Financial Product Consumers - Chinese Perceptions of a Crisis-Ridden EU - What Security Architecture for the Mediterranean? - From Citizen Power to People Power

Raisons politiques 59, août 2015
La justice restaurative : le tournant institutionnel
Restorative Justice: The Institutional Turn
et al.
Restorative justice is becoming part of our penal institutions, both in Europe and the United States. The authors of this collective issue see this as a desirable trend and claim that more work needs to be done in identifying the political, legal and moral reasons for punishing in a restorative way. We argue that these reasons are at least twofold.

Gouvernement & action publique 04-3, juillet-septembre 2015
et al.
Table of contents: Governing the "Long-Term" – On the Good Use of Terrorism – Bringing the State Elites Back? – Instruments of Public Action & Municipal Regulation of Islam - Crossed Circulation: Models, Awards and Best Practices in Central-Local Relationships.

Revue française de science politique 65-4, Aout 2014
et al.
Table of contents: Talkings Politics in Personal Relationships - Politics and Religion in the Lisbon Traty : Towards a Model of Christian Democracy ? - From Personal Reparation to the Shaping of a Collective Cause - Institutional Autonomy, Coalition Formulation and the Making of Political Crises: The Turkish Army in Politics

Vingtième Siècle 128, octobre-décembre 2015
Polices et événements politiques au 20e siècle
Special Section : Political Events and the Police in the 20th Century
et al.
Table of contents: Law Enforcement and Political Crises in the 20th Century - February 6th, 1934: A Police Crisis - Sao Paulo's Police Strike (13 and 14 Junuary 1961) - Law-and-Order Politics and Anti-Police Protest in Chicago's Black Ghetto (1943-1969) - The Stasi and the Peaceful Revolution - State Repression and Revolutionary in Tunisia

Sociologies pratiques 31, 2015
Diffuser ou périr, les promesses de l'innovation sociale
et al.

Écologie & politique 51, 2015
Les temps des sciences impliquées
et al.

Agora débats/jeunesses 71, 2015
Handicap, passage à l'âge adulte et vulnérabilités
et al.

Revue économique 66-5, septembre 2015
Fin de monde : analyses économiques du déclin et de la stagnation (1870-1950)
et al.
Table of contents: The Fear of Economic Decline Facing Natural Resources Depleton - The Decline Analysis in the Second Part of the Nineteenth Century - Compete vs. Protect - On Röpke's View of the Twentieth Century Social Crisis - Chinese Peril and European Decay - The Debate on Secular Stagnation - Schumpeter and the Economic Climat

Revue française de sociologie 56-3, juillet-septembre 2015
Sociologie des firmes et mutations du capitalisme
Sociolgy of the Firm and Changes in Capitalism
et al.
Table of contents: Sociology of the firm and changes in capitalism - How firms finance themselves: the role of regulation and management tools - The state and the energy sector in France - Business and its shareholders

Vingtième Siècle 127, juillet-septembre 2015
Histoire et conflits de mémoire en Espagne
Special Issue : History and Memory Conflicts in Spain
et al.
This special issue explores the effects of these memorial debates on how history is written in the 20th Spanish century, offering an overview of research conducted over the past twenty years.

Critique internationale 68, juillet-septembre 2015
Voir l'histoire : sources visuelles et écriture du regard
et al.
The purpose of this dossier is therefore to examine how the visual - something seen , act of seeing and visibility regime - has transformed the study and writing of the past.

Revue économique 66-4, juillet 2015
Avancées de la recherche en microéconomie appliquée à l'occasion des XXXes JMA
et al.

Gouvernement & action publique 04-2, avril-juin 2015
Gouverner par les architectures informatiques
et al.

Autrepart 72, 2014
L'enfant du développement
et al.

Raisons politiques 58, mai 2015
Les langages de l'intersectionnalité
et al.

Sociétés contemporaines 98
Représentations patronales
et al.

Critique internationale 67, avril-juin 2015
Politiques du plaidoyer
Political Advocacy
et al.
During the last twenty years, the advocacy has established itself in the world of international organizations as in the field of academic research. This dossier explores the historicity, forms and actors of this type of mobilization and its consequences.

Revue économique 66-3, mai 2015
Risque systémique et politiques macro/microprudentielles
et al.

Autrepart 71, 2014
Les jeunes du Sud face à l'emploi
et al.

Agora débats/jeunesses 70, 2015
Les émeutes de 2005, dix ans après
et al.

Sociétés contemporaines 97, 2015
Modernisation des entreprises publiques
et al.
Table of contents: Strategies, Forms and Actors of Postal "Modernization" - Changing Heads Instead of Mentalities? - How Social Sciences Helped "Modernize" EDF: Management - Identities Checked. The Police and Minority Groups in France and Germany.

Sociologies pratiques 30, 2015
Communication en entreprise. Chacun cherche sa voix
et al.

Gouvernement & action publique 04-1, janvier-mars 2015
et al.
Table of contents: Strengthening the Federal State Through Identification Papers - Public Policy and Legitimation in a Multilevel Environment: Exploring Policy Feedbacks in Belgium-"Playing as a team" in a Fragmented Territory - The Sociology of the State Through the Prism of International Relations

Raisons politiques 57, février 2015
Politiques des formes de vie
et al.
Table of contents: Towards an Immanent Critique of Forms of Life-Democracy as claim and as form of life-The political project of a life which can not be separated from its form-The vulnerability of forms of life-Against Manichaeism: The Politics of Forms of Life and the Possibilities of Critique-When Forms of Life Meet

Vingtième siècle 126, avril-juin 2015
Femmes, genres et communismes
Special Section : Women, Genders and Communisms
et al.
Table of contents: Women on the Fringes?-Was "Women's Liberation" through Work in Communist China (1958-1976) a Fool's Game?-Actresses in Search of Roles-Polina Zhemchuzhina Molotov and the Wives of the Kremlin-The Promotion and Domination of Female Activists in Local French Communist Party Networks-Men and Women in Eastern Bloc Communist Parties..

Critique internationale 66, janvier-mars 2015
Communismes et circulations transnationales
et al.
Table of contents: Authentically Socialist Techniques?-Transnational Practices for an International-Fraternity or Formality? Local Relationships between Communist Parties in the Soviet Bloc-Only One Way to Be a Communist?-"Sisterhood" Put to the Test-Charisma as an Emotional Resource of the Social Movement?-“Turmoil in the Local”...

(max. 100)


Critique internationale 75, avril-juin 2017
La gouvernementalité rurale dans les pays du Sud

Critique internationale 73, octobre-décembre 2016
La fabrique de l'hérédité en politique
Table of contents: The Making of heredity in politics - When the Heir Is a Woman: A Gendered Analysis of Lineage Democracy in South Asia - The Chief's Son: The Colonial State and the Production of Political Lineage in New Caledonia - Gender and Lineage in Politics - Dynastic Dynamics in Lebanon

Raisons politiques 63, août 2016
Libertés d'expression à quelles conditions ?

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