Les Mots des présidentielles

Les Mots des présidentielles

Speaking of the Presidential Election

Does politics remain solely of interest to specialists? Does the lack of trust in politics and the political process also reflect an inability of political leaders to speak in terms that are accessible to ordinary voters?

This book presents around a hundred key words taken from political discourse in a concise, clear and educational format. A definition and examples are included for each term. The individual word is then placed within the framework of the 2007 presidential election.

As experts on electoral sociology, the authors also provide an update on the state of democracy in France and the issues it is currently preoccupied with.

As a veritable democratic toolbox, this work will allows ordinary voters to retake full possession of their role in the political process.

Compiled by Vincent Tiberj, PhD in political science and researcher at CEVIPOF – Sciences Po, in collaboration with Florent Gougou, PhD candidate in political science, Soline Laplanche-Servigne and Camille Peugny, PhD candidates in political sociology all of whom are part-time lecturers at Sciences Po Paris.

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