Léon Blum, chef de gouvernement, 1936-1937

Léon Blum, chef de gouvernement, 1936-1937

René Rémond (1918 - 2007), Pierre Renouvin (1893 - 1974)
The period studied is that of Léon Blum s first government : lune 1936-June 1937. The authors try to evaluate the statesman's action in its own context: what were Léon Blum's intentions and possibilities ? Was the situation revolutionary ? What is the assessment of the " expérience " ?The conclusion which cornes through hère is full of subtleties. The possibility for initiative in Léon Blum's government was particularly restricted right from the beginning by the opposition of people, the résistance of things, the weight of situations, and the inertia of structures ; afterwards, the beginnings of dissent within the coalition, the strengthening of the opposition forces, the changing of the situation, the surprises of the event, and time alone ail reduced his operating margin even more.What was accomplished in a few months was, however, great and survived the government and remained in people's minds as well as in the institutions. Far from diminishing Léon Blum's greatness, the objective knowledge of thèse limits and the appréciation of the difftculties make the qualifies of the head of government stand out.

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