Le nouveau désordre électoral

Le nouveau désordre électoral

The New Electoral Disorder

In France and particularly during the electoral "storm" of April 2002, when Lionel Jospin the socialist was beaten in the presidential election by the extreme right-wing candidate, Jean-Marie Le Pen, as in most major western democracies, abstention rates are beating all records, electoral volatility is growing, the vote for outside parties is increasing, voters decide later and later whom they will vote for and results seem less and less predictable and even contradictory. Based on a Series of studies and especially on the 2002 French Election Panel, the biggest study ever carried out in France, a team of researchers has drawn up the paths and meanders of the four rounds of the 2002 election that wasn't quite like any other, to draw a portrait of French election behaviour. This book points out a new election order calling for new thinking on future French elections.

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Sociology : Electoral Sociology
Sociology : Political Sociology

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