Le genre de la Résistance

Le genre de la Résistance

La Résistance féminine dans le Nord de la France
Catherine Lacour-Astol
Gender and Resistance
Female Resistance in Northern France

As the history of the Resistance has long been told by male voices, its female version remains relatively unknown. What did it mean to be a female member of the Resistance? How was their participation viewed by society, both during and after the war? In other words, to what extent did female identity influence the modalities and representations of women's engagement in the Resistance?

Focusing on the Nord department of France, which was at the time governed to German military command in Brussels, this study of female mobilisation transcends regional borders. By illustrating the major role played by women in forging ties between the Resistance and society at large, this study corroborates the words of Colonel Rol-Tanguy: 'Without them [women], half of our work would have been impossible’.

the author: Catherine Lacour-Astol holds a Ph.D. in history and is a member of the Centre d’histoire et de recherches sur la Résistance (Centre for Resistance History and Research).

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