Repenser le nationalisme

Repenser le nationalisme

Théories et pratiques
Rethinking Nationalism
Theories and Practices

The ambition of this effort is to provide a complete outline of the most recent theories and research on nationalism, whether theoretical, normative or analytical. Centered on the study of nationalism – a concept distinct from that of the nation – the book deals with theories as expertly as it does with practices, whether European or North American, post-colonial, dated or contemporary. The analysis of nationalist theories, approached from a critical perspective, brings crucial conceptual clarifications and throws back into question a number of traditional oppositions such as universalism versus particularism, and nationalism versus multiculturalism. The practices of nationalism are studied through the mobilization of identity resources (folklore, history, language, religion) and method of action (populism, violence). Bringing together the foremost French specialists who've made significant contributions to the renaissance of interest in the study of nationalism, this book, organized around a transversal and thematic approach, no doubt constitutes a fine reference work on the subject.

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