La question migratoire au XXIe siècle

La question migratoire au XXIe siècle

Migrants, réfugiés et relations internationales
Migration Issue in the 21st century
Migrants, Refugees and International Relations


Catherine de Wenden Withol shows how international migration has become one of the dominant issues facing the planet. Educational and comprehensive, the book offers a scientific and political inventory of migration issues, questioning the frontiers of our world and pointing out the contradiction of the countries.

While the right to get out of a territory is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN and the countries of origin generally encourage emigration, recognizing the economic benefits, immigration countries are trying to close their borders. In regard of this contradiction, the question of the right to mobility raises new questions, including the links between migration and development, the issues relating to citizenship and nationality, and international cooperation necessary for the management of migrants.

This book is also a plea for an international migration diplomacy.

The author: Catherine Wintol de Wenden is Director of Research at CNRS (CERI). She teaches at both Sciences Po and La Sapienza in Rome