L'Attraction mondiale

L'Attraction mondiale

World Attraction


By tackling the relation between philosophical considerations and international relations distinct domains through the idea of an "attraction mondiale" (world attraction), the author is able to gather his diverse material into three ways of thinking future international political thought and organization.

This book constitutes a good introduction to present 'cosmopolitan' debates. This research aims at introducing originally international political philosophy thanks to the concept of "attractor" : a very well known concept in physics or mathematics - especially on chaos theory. It provides an overview of the competing approaches of normative international theory by revisiting classical authors of the field, especially Kant, Hobbes, Rawls,…). It also introduces new theoretical approaches like cosmopolitism of the stranger or francophone approaches (Tassin, Bensaïd, Jullien).

The author: Frédéric Ramel is a university professor of political science at Sciences Po. He is the editor of Philosophie des relations internationales (Presses de Sciences Po, 2011)