Intégration et déviance au sein du système international

Intégration et déviance au sein du système international

Integration And Divergence Within The International System

Based on an original statistical method, which offers a ranking of countries by number of multilateral treaties they have ratified or not from 1945 to the present, the author highlights the different strategies that are defined by protest-the challenging of norms, withdrawal and the 'lone ranger' phenomenon. She likewise points out the compound nature of divergence, which is not just the only alternative cooperation-rivalry.

Her unexpected conclusions show that even the most powerful states can play the card of deviance - starting with the United States that stands out due to their high number of non-ratification - while the main challengers states (Iran, Cuba, Venezuela) do not hesitate to use the UN forum, to denounce the hegemonic order and the breaches of international obligations.

Soraya Sidani holds a PhD in Political Science from Sciences Po Paris. She is director of program at the Institute for Near-East and Gulf Military Studies à Dubaï and teaches at the Sorbonne University-Abu Dhabi and at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut.

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