Genre, violences et espaces publics

Genre, violences et espaces publics

La vulnérabilité des femmes en question
Gender, Violence and Public Space
The vulnerability of women in question

Who hasn't heard it said that it was "dangerous" for a woman to go out at night? If everyone seemed to go along with this kind of reality, the means to avoid this kind of “danger” wouldn’t be considered at all relevant for a simple question of “good sense". At a time when the question of security takes the front of the stage, the security of women is in effect largely ignored by the media and rarely taken into account by public powers. It’s left to women to take precautions.

Facilitating an original approach confronting the politics of security in daily practices and representations, this book underlines the difficulties public policy has in taking into consideration the inequality of the sexes. The study of the implementation of local security contracts, in Paris and in Guyancourt, reveals in effect the multiplicity of resistance to such a provocative theme.

Marylène Lieber puts into evidence the pregnancy of discrimination, presenting it in a manner as lively as she is, in a context of an equality between women and men which is nothing but formal. She points to a form of violence toward women too rarely recognized, that which takes place at the heart of public space.

Marylène Lieber is a Doctor of Sociology and a Researcher at the University of Neuchâtel.

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