Femmes et pouvoir sous la Ve République

Femmes et pouvoir sous la Ve République

De l'exclusion à l'entrée dans la course présidentielle

Women and Power under the 5th Republic


This inclusion of women in the Republic is part of a long process, yet unfinished. After the promises of 1945, the advent of the Fifth Republic in 1958 kept them axway from political game. Excluded from Parliament and elected assemblies, women have had their life in politics at the presidential will. Ironically, it was easier to govern than to represent.

Besides the laws introducing the so-called "parity", passed between 1999 and 2007, the male hegemony in Parliament did not end. But ministers or secretaries of state, women are instead carved out a growing role in government, also taking the start in the presidential race.

Mariette Sineau shows that gender is more than ever a useful category of analysis, and invites us to rethink power relations between women and men in France in the next century.

The author: Mariette Sineau, a political scientist, is director of research at the CNRS Center for Policy Research at Sciences Po His specialty focuses on gender and politics, gender and citizenship.