Le pouvoir régional

Le pouvoir régional

Mobilisations, décentralisation et gouvernance en France
Regional Power
Mobilisation, decentralisation and governance in France

The process of decentralisation, devolution and federalisation is advancing all over Europe. France 'one and indivisible', shaped by Jacobin centralism, is no exception to that evolution, subjected to the combined effects of State reform, a revival of territorial identities and the growing part played by regions and major cities in economic development.

This book proposes a new sociology of regions based on such notions as the keys to power, social mobilisations, coalitions, multi-level players and instruments of government. It analyses the mutations of public governance at the scale of territories, to whom globalization and European integration are supplying new political ressources.

Finally, it offers a new vision of contemporary France; that of a composite nation made up of distinct elements, where local players assume an increasing role in public legislation and regional power is now depicting the face of a Republic that finds itself at a crossroads.

A keenly awaited book, intended for students and teachers as well as lobbyists, local civil servants and training establishments.

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Gilles Pinson




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