L'Argent de la politique

L'Argent de la politique

Political money

Politics is also about money. In France this is a taboo subject. In spite of regulations implemented since the late 1980s, transparency is lacking, and scandals are frequent: misuse of public funds, private wealth used for electoral purposes, partisan mishaps and false invoicing, and a general lack of exemplarity among public figures in terms of assets and taxation. The author takes an original approach to lift the lid on political finance, looking at the conditions in which the new regulations were constructed. Who presented them to Parliament? In what conditions were they passed? What resistance did they face? How were they instrumentalized and with what effects?

The French model was developed by and for politicians who have become experts in avoiding the norms they enact, focused on the search for transparency rather than the evaluation of needs. It remains extremely vague, not very binding, and a source of disputes and political exploitation.

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