Politiques de l'emploi

Politiques de l'emploi

Apprendre de l'expérience
Bruno Crépon, Gérard Van den Berg
Employment Policies
Learning from experience

'We've tried everything to fix unemployment’, François Mitterrand declared over thirty years ago. However, it would doubtless be helpful to consider whether we truly ever gave ourselves the means to learn. Since we did not sufficiently invest in a truly scientific assessment of employment policies, our understanding of the root causes of unemployment, as well as our ability to solve this problem, have scarcely advanced.

However, certain programmes involving training, support and employment subsidies as implemented in developed countries have been meticulously studied. Their weak overall impact is proof that we shall not be able to eliminate unemployment merely by investing in one action or another.

But these programmes could be improved and help to conquer unemployment, following a detailed analysis of needs and behaviours, as well as a number of rigorous large-scale evaluations. Finally, we should perhaps put aside our impatience to test out new actions — without giving ourselves the time to study their effects — in order to escape the trap of long-term unemployment?

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