Nicolas Sarkozy. Mesure et démesure du discours

Nicolas Sarkozy. Mesure et démesure du discours

Nicolas Sarkozy. Measure and Excess in His Speeches

Sarkozysm represents a break in the political history of the 5th Republic.
Denouncing 'la pensée unique' (conformism of thought), breaking free of lexical codes and verbal decorum, Nicolas Sarkozy invented a new form of discordant expression in the service of a New Right, or post-welfare state ideology.

By analysing hundreds of speeches and interviews, Damon Mayaffre reveals Nicolas Sarkozy's favourite words, the secrets of his rhetoric, his figures of speech and techniques of manipulation. The author draws on the science of language to analyse the linguistic nature of his discourse, and on history and political science to bring understanding of Nicolas Sarkozy in his times.

Damon Mayaffre

Damon MAYAFFRE est docteur en histoire de l'Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis, chercheur au CNRS en linguistique (UMR 7320 BCL).

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