Journal : Raisons Politiques
Revue de théorie politique
• ISSN : 12911941
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Raisons politiques 69, février 2018
(Un)civil disobedience
et al.

Raisons politiques 68, novembre 2017
Prises de parole : les discours subalternes
et al.

Raisons politiques 67, août 2017
Actualité de l'histoire sociale des idées politiques

Raisons politiques 66, mai 2017
Entités collectives
et al.

Raisons politiques 63, août 2016
Libertés d'expression à quelles conditions ?

Raisons politiques 62, mai 2016
Pop et populaire. Politiques du mainstream
Keivan Djavadzadeh, Pierre Raboud, et al.
What popular culture can teach political theory ? Inventory of theoretical reflections on popular culture, the authors of this dossier intend to participate in the construction of "French" cultural studies and call for more research on marginalized subjects in France .

Raisons politiques 61, février 2016
La reconnaissance. Lectures hégéliennes
Charlotte Epstein, Thomas Lindemann, et al.
This volume purpose is to chart a path back to Hegel, in order to mine the resources that a return to the original formulation of the struggle for recognition in the "Phenomenology of Spirit" provides for deepening contemporary understandings of the concept of recognition.

Raisons politiques 60, décembre 2015
Un texte, un auteur : Andrew Abbott
et al.

Raisons politiques 59, août 2015
La justice restaurative : le tournant institutionnel
Restorative Justice: The Institutional Turn
et al.
Restorative justice is becoming part of our penal institutions, both in Europe and the United States. The authors of this collective issue see this as a desirable trend and claim that more work needs to be done in identifying the political, legal and moral reasons for punishing in a restorative way. We argue that these reasons are at least twofold.

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