Révolutionnaires de la SFIO

Révolutionnaires de la SFIO

Marceau Pivert et le pivertisme
A study of Marceau Pivert, an « en­fant terrible » ofthe French Socialist Pariy in the 1930s, of the revolutionary movement he created within the reformist party itself and whose existence was viewed as a threat not only by the reformist leaders. It is also the history of a party disrupted after the Russian Révolution by the split at the CongreSs of Tours, and of its renewal through the enthu-siastic and vigilant support of thousands of young members. The history ofthe masses, of their struggle for their organisations or some-times against them provides the background for this reflection on the crisis of the French labor movement within a broader social crisis, on the development of political parties, their de av âge s and their split s

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Political Science : French Politics
History field : Political Parties
Political Science : Political Parties

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