Autrepart 51, octobre 2009

Autrepart 51, octobre 2009

Autrepart 51, October 2009


UNHCR's policy in Dehli. Implentation and transformation
Julie Baujard

Portuguese past, Black present and Amerindian unmentionability : an Amazonian example (Amapâ - Brésil)
Véronique Boyer

Medecine, sexuality ans reproduction. Gender and AIDS in Cameroon
Sophie Djetcha

"To tie or to die" : contraceptive choices an sterilization among women in a working-class urban milieu of North-East Brazil
Alfonsina Faya Robles

Urban heritage : memory trees, sacred groves and gardens in Porto Novo (Bénin)
Dominique Juhé-Beaulaton

Telling a story, telling a story to oneself. Self-narration and identity formaqtion among female domestic workers in Rio de Janeiro
Dominique Vidal

Poor neigbourhoods in Atananarivo : poverty trap or social support?
Jean-Michel Wachsberger

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