L'économie ordinaire entre songes et mensonges

L'économie ordinaire entre songes et mensonges

Standard Economics: between the Dreams and Schemes


Beginning with a historical and anthropological foundation, this work questions the presuppositions of standard economics. Having circulated in the 19th century, these ideas correspond to a state of the science that has become obsolete. The struggle with scarcity, the hegemony of the market, and the obsession with growth - do these concepts drive us to abundance or to widespread shortages?

This book proposes a different way of thinking about society and its approach to ecological problems. It shines a different light on the economic, financial, energy, and food production crises which menace us, calling us to build a new economic paradigm.

Gilbert Rist is a Professor Emeritus of Institut universitaire de hautes études internationales et du développement (IHEID) in Geneva. After teaching in Tunis, he directed the Centre Europe-Tiers Monde (European-Third World Center) and collaborated with the University of the United Nations. He famously published Le Développement. Histoire d'une croyance occidentale (Presses de Sciences Po, 2007).

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